Hi Everybody

My name is Dima.

I’m new to Synfig(both forums and program), and I want to make some short animations just fun.
By the way…I find quite unusual(or maybe a little bit annoying ) that the program doesn’t have
some basic off-line documentation, at least one .pdf with basic things about interface and use of Synfig…

btw, I can give a help with translation… my mother tongue is Romanian( I don’t know if there are Romanian translations), and I know quite well English.(I also know some French and Russian, but I wouldn’t risk to make such translations)

Hi Dima,
here is a pdf of the first chapters of the manual. There is a link on the main wiki page.
Welcome to the forums and to the Synfig world. I think that there is not Romanian translation so you can work on it if you want.
Please read the Writer documentation and follow the rules to create new pages to make them translatable with the wiki macros.
I hope you enjoy doing animations with Synfig.