Hi All, I'm a newbie

Hi, my name is Fran (short for Francisco, I’m a male), I’m a vet so don’t know a lot about computers, but enough to create some amateur GIMP images and import them to synfig.

My ‘paid’ job is being a vet surgeon in England. I’m trying to generate an animation in my free time to help clients/pet owners about some complicated disease for when I don’t have time in our ridiculous 10min slots. And by the way, enjoying learning something that gives me a break from my sometimes over-stressful job.

Nice to see you all and I will be posting questions soon.

One thing I’d like to say, if you doing tutorials in youtube, it would be BRILLIANT if you always put your finished animation in motion before the beggining of the tutorial, that way, people can check in a few seconds if that tutorial will help them do what they want to achieve.


hello franmi2000 and welcome here …

have fun with it and don’t hesitate to scalpel it a lot!