Here I am

Hi guys. :smiley:

I’ve been using Synfig since a while now with pleasure and I thought it would be time to join the forum. Earlier I tried different programs (even some demos) for making cartoons but it didn’t work well. Synfig was exactly what I was looking for. I’m using it for making titles, cartoons and different stuff. Windows Vista forced me to install Linux which I now use for Synfig and other Open-Source-Software. Here’s also a picture of a short film (in German) I’m making:

By razputin93 at 2009-08-21

I already finished the part you see in the picture including lipsync. Working with this programme is fun. :smiley:

Beautiful! Look forward to seeing a link to the finished animation posted on the forum. Welcome to the forum!


Welcome, wilkommen, bienvenu!

Always nice to see new users!

Welcome Razputin!
The picture looks so good. I wonder how is your workflow for lipsync.
Please show us your works!

OK. Here is the workflow:
At first I recorded the/my voice (what else? :smiley: ).
Then I made the phonemes in Papagayo and imported the .lst-file into synfig for reference.
And then I moved the points to match each of the phonemes.
I really like how smooth the animation looks with this kind of animation. :smiley:

Cool! That lipsync procedure is what I was thinking on. Glad to hear that it is working for others.

Great work!