helping to keep translations valid

is it possible to have a script that “invalidates” translation pages if the last change date for the english original is newer than the last change date of the respective translation? I guess that is a simple mechanic way, but should be good enough for a while…

Other ideas?

Do you not think it would be better to advise that there are any changes in the original, instead than invalidating the translation?

It is not a bad idea but I think that more macros running in the wiki would make it more slow even. Also a typo fix in the English version would invalidate the translated versions when it could be not true.
I think that by default, non English versions are always “out of date” :mrgreen:
Maybe just a static bottom line explaining that the official version of the page is the English one, could be enough?

I agree with you

I thought about having an “invalidated” category.

All docs that might need updates can then be displayed by a translator easily.
checking by hand for all docs would be very time consuming!

A translator can check the changes in english doc and delete the “invalidated” categgory with very little effort.
This is comparable to what we plan to do with the checks for new versions in English doc.

It would be perfectly enough to run the script just once a week I guess…

maybe something like a kind of brand that appear in translated docs whenever anyone alter the original document in English: “out of date”, or “need to update” ?

yep, that is what I meant. more a hint for translators.

Yes, if it is run automatically and once a week it is feasible. I don’t know if a DLP macro can do that.

Mediawiki can compare edit dates for translated and original page and conditionally display “out of date” mark. I think this is easy to implement.

Zelgadis thx… so this would be a wish for the future (after we’ve done 0.62.01 :wink: )