Help with Time Lapse

Hi folks.

Discovered synfigstudio today. What a great tool! Installed on my Ubuntu laptop, walked through the tutorial, and all worked!!!

I’m seeking a tool to create a movie-format (Flash, preferably) based on potentially hundreds to thousands of JPEG photos (time lapse photography, as in thunderstorm formation.)

The challenge comes in the sheer size of each time lapse capture, representing hundreds to into the thousands of jpeg images.

Can anyone suggest a command-line method to populate layers with my jpeg images rather than trying to manually import hundreds to potentially thousands of images?

Any other hints to get to the final goal (flash movie formed from chaining hundreds to thousands of jpeg images?


Import images to synfig is quite easy.
Just create a text file containing the list of images you want to import and name the file as yourfilename.lst (LST in lowercase). The default frame rate is 15 fps but you can easily change it by inserting the fps a the beginning of the file

FPS 25


and so on.

For more info read this:

You can import as many files like that as you want.
If need they start to play at a different moment just modify its Offset Time value to a positive number (in seconds) if want to delay the animation and to a negative one if want to play it sooner.


I think that ffmpeg or one of the various video editors would be better for you, some info on doing it with ffmpeg here:

Also see here: … -needs-824