Help with Switch on Amount Alpha

I am applying a switch to the Amount Alpha channel of the layer and when I change the link off value to 0 it changes the link on value to zero and vise versa.

Please see this youtube video for the issue.

Are you in animation mode? (little icon in canvas right down corner)

If you are, try to set a keyframe at fr.0 or a waypoint for amount.

Welcome to synfig btw.

Either mode does not work.
Not sure what a waypoint is? Will try to look up.

Are you applying the switch to change to a different mouth shape cos you can use the switch-layer for that.

edit: BtwI think link off and link on are connected. Right click on either of them and select disconnect.

thanks I’ll try it

I want to thank you guys both for your answers.
I am definitely struggling with this program and I am using the development snapshot so it’s hard to tell if it’s a bug or just me.