Help with showing point-in-time

Hello all! I am new to Synfig!

I made a two-keyframe animation, but I would like to fix it. I have no idea how to edit the parameters for one of the keyframes to perform the fix. It seems I can not make any changes: First, I do not know how to show a particular point in time; I click on one of the two keyframes (in the keyframes window), and nothing changes; I click on the timeline, either of the two triangles at top of the timeline window, and nothing changes. I can play my animation just fine. Outside of playing, I can only seem to see the first frame on the animation and nothing else. When I do attempt to make changes I either get “You are trying to edit animated parameter while Animation Mode is off” (with green man). Or, I change the parameters in the second keyframe (with red running man)! I can not see my changes to the second keyframe until I replay my animation.

I must be missing some slight-of-hand in the video tutorials: They seem to have no problem clicking on keyframes and showing the state of the animation at the given time.

What is the magic incantation?


Please read carefully these wiki articles and then reformulate your questions if any.