Help with gifs

Hi, I’m not particularly good with these things, and I’ve been trying to figure this out by myself and I read the FAQ on the wiki page, but I haven’t had much luck. I’m using Windows 7 and have the 0.63.00 version if that helps.

I made my first animation and I rendered it to a gif. When I open it to a web browser, it only plays for a second and then restarts. If I refresh the page enough times, it will play a few more seconds and then restart, but once it get to maybe three or four seconds of playing, it won’t go any further. How can I get it to play the whole thing?
I would also like to be able to just view the gif on my computer without the internet, but I don’t know what to open it with.


Can you share the gif file?. I want to see it in other browser to know where is the problem. All the animated gif I produced from Synfig (default settings) loop nicely in Firefox and Chrome (I don’t know Explorer)

Sure, here it is.

I can see it endless animated in my FF 3.6 without troubles. It should be the browser.

The whole 39 seconds? Hm, that’s strange. I tried it both in Chrome and Firefox. I just tried it on Explorer, which surprisingly went a little bit longer, but still it was only a few seconds. This was on my laptop, and so I just tried the link that I posted on my parents’ computer and it does the same thing.

I recommend downloading the CCCP video codec pack which comes bundled with Media Player Classic(the version released on 2010-10-10):

Then open your gif with media player classic and see if the animation plays in it’s entirety.

Your gif example seems to play all the way thru, but I’m not sure what the end frame is supposed to look like. It lasted for a few seconds tho.

Can you share the sample file? I want to render it by my self and test the file in my browser. I think that the problem is not the gif file but that it has not rendered completely.

Whoops completely missed that part. No I only got about 3 or 4 seconds in before it looped.

Yep, here it is. Yeah, it probably just has to do with how I’m rendering it.
Face.sifz (13.4 KB)