HELP! Where is Animation Point on Timeline?

Synfig Version 1.0

I was animating my first synfig project, simple stick figure walking feet. But then I realized that in the tutorial ( … ial_school) at 6:22, the person duplicated an animated leg. But when moved apart, their motions were the same at the exact same time, which is not walking, so the person moved around the animation points in the timeline. My version is newer than his, but I don’t know for sure why there are no animation points shown in my timeline, except some automatically filled-in small movements on a timeline when I select a rotation joint, and they only change one joint in the whole leg, not what I wanted. I would really like to know why it is not appearing and what can be done to solve this problem! Thank you!

We can’t judge any bug if you don’t share the file with the problem.

Oh, I’m sorry. Here is my Synfig project. Please take a look! Thanks.
Animation Walking Legs Project.sifz (3.72 KB)

I can follow the tutorial with your file and using 1.0.
Please review the steps. Just select the second leg group and shift the waypoints 7f to the right (half a walk).