Help! (Request for contribution)

Do you enjoy doing animations with Synfig Studio?
We are happy to know about it.
But those people who conform that “we”, are having less and less free time over the time…
We need your contribution!!

Please let me briefly explain the areas where we need urgently your help:

  • Translations: Transifex is a quite good tool to handle on line translations but it doesn’t do all the job. It helps not expert people to be able to translate strings and offer them to the project. But the translated files needs some operations to make them able to be incorporated to Synfig code. Unfortunately the provided files (po files) needs correction on the header of the file to adapt it to the Synfig project description, copyrights years of translators, language teams etc. That’s a time consuming work that has to be done every time a new translation update is done. Also someone has to prevent updating of translations and take care of the templates updates.
  • Releases: Once the code is ready and the binaries and tarballs uploaded to sourceforge, it is needed to make a good press release post on the website blog, and make that new release known on the blogs, magazines and corresponding social networks.

All the time that “we” dedicate to those tasks, “we” don’t dedicate our (small) free time to code, fix bugs, maintain the website infrastructure, update the wiki or support the forums.

Sometimes I feel that I’m not having fun contributing to Synfig Project, and that’s not good… It is possible to be on that status momentarily when you take care of something that is needed to do for the success of a community project. If you see people around working with you and there is needed to do that boring task, that will complete the work of many, anyone of us happily would carry on that not so fun boring task

But when you see that amount of people contributing to project is getting less and less each time, when you see that the enthusiasm on those who receive the result of the team work, doesn’t feed back with suggestions, complains, hurrays or just doing animations with it, it is harder by day to complete those works that are needed to do but that are boring and time consuming.

May be it is my fault because I don’t transmit so much enthusiasm lately (and so there is not enthusiasm return). Maybe it is my fault due to fault of knowledge. Maybe it is my fault on do not transmit the needed help. But the fact is that lately I only have some fun when coding Synfig. All the rest looks to me like an obligation. And that feeling is inverse to the amount of fun when doing it.

I know that I’m not obligated to be here, I’m not obligated to supposedly carry on the torch of the leading of the project, but hey, one turn from time to time doesn’t hurts!

I’ve lived similar situations when I were like you, on the passive side and others were like me, on the active side. I have seen people leaving the project with no way to return anymore. I’ve seen also coders being extinguished due to the lack of excitation on developing code… I don’t want to end like them. I would like to get a breath, let the wheel run during the breath period and come back with renewed forces to spin the wheel more even. What I don’t want to do is to take that breath and see how the wheel stops. It is absolutely harder to make start the wheel running than to keep it.

I guess that it is the curse of the open projects. Below a critical mass the project can collapse.

Would we allow that?

Edit BobSynfig: Changed Transifex project location

Hello genete,
you’re right, I should help. I could do translations, but I never learned English at school - just on the Internet - so I always believed that others will do better … and I just know php coding and a little javascript …
I will finish my tutorial and try to do more! :blush:

Hi Genete.
I’m really busy right now (all my free time is now dedicated on the demo reel), but when the demo reel will be finished, I’ll help in that I can do. :wink:

Hi Genete
You’ve been doing a great job of keeping the project running. I really admire all of your hard work.
Winter break is in ~2 more weeks, and then I’ll have a lot of time to put into press releases, code, etc. - whatever’s needed.

Thanks for your warm response!

Regarding to transifex it is not a question of translations but a question of handle the translations and prepare them to be incorporated to the code. The po files obtained from transfiex doesn’t keep the history of people that translated the file in the past, the project description or the year copyright. That has to be fixed for each time that the translations are updated and for each translation po file. It is needed to take the old translation file, copy its header and update with the new translator if any. If the translation is new it is needed to create a new header for that language. Also, it is needed to filter the translations that haven’t been updated since the last time I updated the pot file (po template) so we don’t patch a po file that has not been updated at all. Number of translated languages grows quickcly with this translation method and needs maintenance.

I’m cosidering to not include new translation on this tiny release and make a later update (0.63.04). For me is more important to put the bug fixes and new features on hand of people than to update two or three translated strings.

I’d like to release 0.63.03 as soon as possible.


I would like to take this job.

Ok, I’ll add you as project manager at transifex.
When preparing the po file, just download it and fix the header. Once done prepare a patch for them starting at current master branch. Or simply, apply the po changes on git repo. Notice that there are new languages since 0.63.02 so must be modified for each synfig-core and synfig-studio blocks. Search the ALL_LINGUAS tag at
Any doubt pleas let me know.

patches uploaded … tid=757418

Hold on please, I found there are something wrong with these two patches. The po files of synfig core can not be made , I have to take a close look at it.

all the po head are corrected.
I saw there are translatable string changes of source code since the po files in transifex were frozen. Before generate patch (git format-patch), should I do “make update-po” in the two po directories to update these po files?

updated: patches works fine against git master now, uploaded to the sf.

Hi Genete,

Thanks always for your work.

I can help with press releases on the blog and the rest of the web. Just curious, does Synfig have official pages on any social media sites or anywhere else? If so, it would be great to have access to the accounts. If not, I could create them. Let me know if you want me to do this and I can start working on this.


Great! Thanks jcome!
but where is the patch applied? I can’t find it on sourceforge git repo :open_mouth: Have you pushed?


There are a couple of official pages, both managed by Pixelgeek.
Facebook: It allows collaboration. I can post there and make short posts for announcements and such.
Google+: Currently only managed by Pixelgeek. We hope that soon we can collaborate together. … 6653/posts
Tweeter: Managed by Pixelgeek too
GraphicsPlanet: All the posts from are reposted there.

Please email me with your full name, preferred username and contact email and I’ll open a redactor account on
my email is genetita at gmail dot com

I submitted the patches at sourceforge patch tracker: … tid=757418

Both Genete and I can update the facebook page and that will automatically be twittered too. I believe anyone can write on the wall there.

Google+ pages are restricted to the original creator right now, but that may change soon - … ming-soon/

I don’t know if there’s a way to create a Synfig page in Diaspora yet… Ghosthand is the only person that’s talked about Synfig there. :slight_smile:

It’s good that we have the presence on the major sites.

You can’t create Pages on Diaspora yet. The only way to get Synfig on there is to sign up with a separate account. I’m pretty active there and I have a diaspora invite left. I can create a synfig account and keep it updated.


We can wait until they sort out pages. I don’t suppose everyone’s going to run to cybersquat on Synfig on Diaspora…

We can use #synfig tags in the meantime.

Hi, Sorry I would to raise up this thread again.

Could we make a more clear/detailed procedure about Synfig Development? With a well-defined steps, we as contributors can get actual ideas where we can contribute quicker:)

For example, If genete didn’t mentioned, I never know the PO head issues caused by transifex, and never know it takes time to correct.

We can open a wiki page for this.

Here it is:

I will try to help improve the wiki. How exactly do I add info onto it?