Help not working? v1.4.2

Hi, first time User. I have installed v1.4.2 on Windows 7 64bit OS. There were no errors or anything during the install.

Clicking on Help/Tutorials or Help/Reference Help/FAQ or Help/Get Support:

Help Menu Error

(All error pop-ups similar)

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Synfig tries to launch a system application (for Internet browsing, in this case).

For some reason, it does not find it in your system.
You can type the URL address on your preferred browser though.

I have the same problem. Is it a Windows 10 thing?

Rodo - Would it be possible to at least put the link into the paste buffer?

Maybe because under Windows an application is selected according the extension of a file (or in this case a URL/URI).
This link doesn’t end with .html or .htm, Windows doesn’t know what to start…
See try_open_uri function in synfig-studio/src/gui/app.cpp

That is completely possible. I was just using the executable. I haven’t tried compiling this stuff myself.