(Help!) No Canvas

Hi, I’ve been running into a strange problem where the canvas has been unable to appear despite the task bar showing otherwise. I’ve tried already tried deleting the file then recovering it and it worked, but not anymore. I’m close to releasing a small anime series using nothing, but synfig to hopefully get more people involved so any help is appreciated!

In order to help you can you give more detailed explication :

Synfig version / system platform OS informations / project source-example if possible …

Apologies for the late reply. Synfig version: 0.63.05 with OS: Windows 7. I don’t entirely understand what you mean by project source example, but if your referring to the extension its under .sifz. The problem hasn’t reoccurred for awhile, but I’m looking for solutions assuming I (or anyone else) can find the source of the problem. Thanks for replying though! :smiley:

Please paste a screen shot of your desktop when the problem happens.

Ok, so it took awhile before the problem reappeared again. It loads everything except the canvas. Its not minimized or hidden behind another window. Apologies for size of image.

try to use [Alt] + [Tab] and see if your Canvas Window can be found there.

An interesting approach, but it didn’t work. It seems to have not loaded the actual canvas, but shows the image in the task bar of it being there.

Sounds like the file that holds the windows locations may have got messed up.
A couple of things to try :-

File -> Panels -> Reset Windows to Original Layout

if that doesn’t work, close Synfig, and delete the files in C:\Users<username>\Synfig
They will get re-created the next time you launch the program.


lol you fixed two problems of which one of them I ignored. Your first suggestion didn’t fix the canvas, but did fix the windows that I some how screwed up and ignored for the longest. Your second however did fix the canvas so thank you, but I’ll keep an eye out for this to make sure if this can be a sure way to fix this type of problem.