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I’m translating Animation Basics, can someone help me for this phrase?

…Open BasicKnightRider.gif in Firefox or another application that is able to show animated gif’s. However, Firefox will replay the GIF all the time which makes your short animation a rather long one.:question:

I think it can be translated as:

However, Firefox will loop on the images so that those of short duration can be seen as good long ones.

Is correct this?

Thank you

I’m not native English but I think that it means:

I think there is a bit of sarcasm in the phrase.


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from Italian to Spanish (from what I understood the meaning of the translation that you have suggested) Google say :

Tuttavia, Firefox visualizzerà le GIF a ciclo continuo, così un’animazione breve sembrerà più lunga.

Sin embargo, Firefox mostrará el GIF en un ciclo continuo, tan corto de animación se parece más largo.

I’ve correctly understood what you meen?
Spanish or English translation in google (or other) make no sense in Italian from your suggestion or the wiki translation online.

What you think about?

Thank you again.

(Also I’m not English native speakers, but unlike you, you notice! Sorry)

The full explanation meaning:
Although your animation is only a few seconds long, when you export it to GIF format and watch it in Firefox, it will loop endless what would make your animation of a duration of infinite (what is obviously much longer than the current length of the animation).

IMHO this kind of sarcasm is out of place and I think that this sentence you can freely translate to:

Also I think that it would be a good idea to rewrite the original English version to something more simple like the proposal above.


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the final phrase in Italian is now :

Apri SuperCarBase.gif in Firefox (che la visualizzerà a ciclo continuo) od altra applicazione in grado di visualizzare immagini gif.
(Open SuperCarBase.gif in Firefox (which displays a continuous cycle) or other application that can display GIF images.)

It sound good, I follow the official English one in order to synchronize the Italian one.

Thank you again.

Firefox will loop the animation without end, so your animation will never stop (a reaaalllllly long time!)

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now I can’t understand what it mean :

== Using locality ==

in Adding Layers page…

sorry but … :question: :question: :question:

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I think that we should change the English version to “Using Layer’s scope” or “Changing layer’s scope” or something similar.

I don’t get it… i am a translator, and as a Synfig user I’d love to help any of you guys that are working on translation/development, but what languages do you want to translate between, exactly???

The simplest way to say that first phrase in english (it IS a bit confusing) is “However, Firefox will play the GIF file in an endless loop, making your short animation a rather long one…” Or simply “However, Firefox will play the GIF file in an endless loop” avoiding the little “joke”.

In Spanish I’d say: “Sin embargo, Firefox reproducirá el GIF en un ciclo sin fin, haciendo de tu animación breve una animación algo larga…” Or again, just end it at sin fin. Though most Spanish speakers will understand the term “loop” perfectly.

Hope it helps!