Help - I'm new to Synfig

I’m not sure if this is the right place to post.

For some reason my tablet is not working with synfig. I have a wacom intuos 3, Windows 7.

I’m familiar with Gimp and I know that with that software you have to actually open the software with the tablet in order to use it to draw so I’m just wondering if there is something like that in Synfig as well.

Should I use a different version of Synfig? I am using synfigstudio-0.62.01

Hi Moris, welcome to Synfig forums.

I’m not windows user so I cannot reproduce the problem here but try to check out this:

With the tabled plugged in start Synfig Studio. Then go to Device Settings menu entry at the Toolbox->File Menu. It should pop up the device settings dialogue. Verify that the wacom stylus is set to Screen and not to Disabled. Be sure that you disable all the other devices. If you find more than one wacom stylus, try them all one by one.

Hope it helps.

Thank you so much that really helped. But I’m sure I will have more questions to come. Thank you again!