Help! I cant import gifs or MP4s

hello! i’m trying to import gifs or even an mp4 and when i do its just blank. Additionally, I can figure out how to save as a lottie file, does anyone know?

With regard to your imports, only synfig devs can help. But to export to lottie file, you have to first save your animation as .sif file and then click on plugins from the menu bar and select “export to lottie”,

Over here I can import both gifs and mp4s on my system on Synfig v1.4.0

Can you try and render a sample animation to avi and let me know? Hope it’s not an FFmpeg problem on your system.

Hey, I just downloaded Synfig 1.4.2. Similarly to gigi, when I try to import a Gif or MP4 the canvas remains blank. when I try to play the animation some kind of error flashes up quickly in the taskbar. using windows 10. any one got any tips? apologies if silly question. Thanks