Help! I can install Synfig, but it won't run!

Hey all!

I’m brand new to Synfig and I am excited to start using it on my Windows XP machine. I can install it fine. The problem is when I try to run it it says that it can’t find a .dll. I can’t remember exactly what .dll it was, but it was something like ‘lbigmbb2-4.2.dll’, or something. I even dug through the program’s folders and couldn’t find it.

Is there a way to fix this problem?


Did you install GTK and GTKmm? Not having them installed properly would result in a large number of missing dlls.

I didn’t install those, no. Where do I get them?

On the download page, there are four links next to “Windows”. You need all four.


Thanks! It works perfectly now. I guess I should have looked at the documentation/download instructions a bit more closely (and watched the video more closely as well).

Again, thanks very much!

Sure, no problem. Good luck using Synfig! And also, if you’re using a multicore CPU, you should look at the special instructions to increase stability.