Help for new user-animating a geometric (3D mathematics image) trajectory/path

hey guys,…
Just need some basic help starting off, here.
I wanna animate a character (or car or whatever) traversing a path (for example, see image here…starts on right, comes “out” on left along green spines). This 3D image is created using number theoretic arguments and rendered within the arena of spherical coordinates.
So basically I want the character to enter on the right. Following along the “triangular” sides continuously (you can try this just using your finger), the character will ultimately exit the image on the left. It’s beautiful mathematics, for sure.

How can I do this? Thanks guys and synfig is a seriously righteous program.


Hi there,

This can be accomplished by creating a path from a simple outline. This article should explain how to do it:
Also, this thread on the forum: Following a spline: Serious problem and frustration

you are seriously the man… Svarov…thank you so much. I will check out these links now…
I was nearly at the point of asking one of you guys to do it…and I would credit you in the video I will be making…This (very recent) image is pretty much my favorite of the 1000s I’ve done over the year…

In fact, here all some galleries…all mathematics based images utilizing number and group theoretic arguments…
Thanks again, my friend…

Hey Svarov…

Here is the completed version of The Shiva Star video…you might appreciate it.

thanks again for your support and insights.

Alright, glad you figured out spline thing.
I’ve checked your links and YouTube video and honestly, I am not a huge fan of mathematical abstractions. I played with fractals in Synfig a bit (it has Julia and Mandelbrot), it’s cool, yeah, but I don’t really know how to apply it in practice.

Also, the music seems to be a bit too aggressive for those kinds of videos or maybe it’s just me.