[help] Converting wiki pages to pdf file


How can I convert wiki pages to pdf file? I would like to have a Chinese version of this PDF manual. These wiki pages have been translated into Chinese already under zh-cn language code, so I don’t want to do it manually.

Thanks in advance!

Hi, jcome! Currently it is impossible to directly create pdf file from wiki pages. This operation is done on the local server, because of the technical limitations of production server. I can do conversion for you, but I can’t promise to do that soon - I’m a little overloaded with work. Please ping me again in a few days. Cheers!

Zelgadis, thanks.

That’s ok. And I planned to update those Chinese wiki pages before creating pdf file, it will take some time too. Once it is ready I will inform here.

i think if i misunderstand what did u mean…

u can convert any web page to pdf easily “save as pdf” which is extention of firefox.

Link is here addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefo … ve-as-pdf/

i hope you enjoy…

thx to all commnunity…

it’s more to create a book from the entire wiki to get this kind of doc linked here… than to print a single page… if well remember the story, zelgadis has done a script to do this pdf, but not functional any more…

for nice & clean html2pdf, i use sometime printwhatyoulike.com/ (i hope i will not be marked has spam !)