Help, autosave does not work

Hi, how are you, I’m new using synfig, after a rejection of not being able to make animations, now that I understand how it works, I’m delighted.

My problem is with autosave, ¿does anyone know how to repair it to work properly?

Apparently, the unexpected synfig closures are well known since previous versions and many point as lifeguards to the autosave.

but if the autosave does not work, ¿should we resign ourselves to being slaves of the ctrl + s?

Answers to possible questions:

What version of synfig do you use?

In which operative system are you running it?
Manjaro-cinnamon-stable v18.1.3 64bits

Why don’t you compile?
I already compile in ubuntu and I know that it is a somewhat tedious task, on the other hand manjaro can automate this process with its so-called AUR and already try it with all its packages and options, it fails to compile.

Maybe your hard drive has write protection.
It has no write protection.

Are you sure you set the autosave correctly?

maybe with synfig 1.3.11 work
doesn’t work.

How do I know it doesn’t work?

I go to configuration, system, autosave,
autosave active at a time of 1 second.

Why the second?
because I can and I want and I am not going to wait a minute or two to do the autosave tests.

I make a basic drawing I save the file as .sifz in my home folder, I move from its initial position to the drawing and I wait one second, the change of position should already be saved.

From here I have two options.

1 Exit through the interface menu.
2 kill the process with the task manager thus simulating one of the unexpected synfig closures.

1 leaving through the interface menu asks me if I want to save before leaving. First suspicion, isn’t it supposed to be automatically saved? Do you know why skip the save question before leaving?

2 killing the process through the task manager, I reopen the project and ask me if I want to recover changes from a job before closing, I give it to discard because it is supposed that there is nothing to recover because it is already “autosave” .

If this does not prove that it does not work to give me a shot please XD

Ctrl+s if you save the changes

Now that I think about it, another option is for the saved car to be that recovery question when restarting synfig. and I have a misconception that autosave directly affects the .SIFZ file

If so, someone clarify it to me please.

I must also add that the recovery question is asked only if I close or kill synfig intentionally. When synfig closes unexpectedly while working on it, the question is not asked, therefore I give for lost all unsaved work.

I say it again, if you know how to repair it please let me know.
If it is something that does not have solution and that I must keep the ctrl + s also let me know.