Help: Auto-List + rotoscoping?

We know that Synfig is capable of importing video with the help of image-sequence as listed in LST files, but when working with hundreds of, or perhaps thousands of, frames from a video listing the frames becomes quite a tedious task. Is there a tool around that creates an LST out of selected image-sequences/folder? A Bat file or something?

Secondly I was thinking of using 3D for pre-visualization and cinematic, later using rotoscoping techniques to sketch out key-frame phases. Toon Boom can already do this, but I’m hoping not to use that tool. Any OpenSource tool around that could allow me to import video and sketch on top, but on another layer? Think Avidemux combined with Pencil / Krita.

Yes, I created a script just for this, works in Nautilus and also very well in Thunar, my new favourite file manager.

You could transcode the video files to image sequences for tracing in Pencil. I did a script for that as well.

Ooh, thanks a bunch! Just what I was looking for.

My first link went to the wrong script, now fixed.

Hope they’ll be of help for you.

Ah, just a quick question. Where’s the Nautilus scripts folder again? And how do I make the file an executable? <----- EDIT: Okay never-mind, I think I found the answer to that.

EDIT: Another stupid question (sorry, not familiar with everything linux yet, so yeah) any scripts or tools I can use to export the sound from a video precisely and without re-encoding? This is so I can merge the image sequence and sound later on.

Yes, you could do this very easily with FFmpeg in a terminal:
ffmpeg -i input-file.avi -acodec copy output-file.wav.

Just make sure the file type of the output file is the same as the audio contained withing the video file. This can be found by running ffmpeg -i input-file.avi, look for “Audio:”

Thanks! I’ll try that.

By the way, I found this if you’re interested. … 8684.shtml

rylleman (or anyone at all), I’m in a pickle. Pencil doesn’t seem to recognize LST and doesn’t seem to import image sequences in any way possible. Does anyone know how to import em?

If not, does anyone know a good tool which can import image sequences or video files, on top of which I can just simply draw?

@tushantin: I am able to import sequences into Pencil by opening the folder containing the sequence, selecting all of the images in the sequence, and then dragging them onto the stage in Pencil.


Ah, that works. Thanks!

Okay yet ANOTHER problem (sorry if I’m starting to be annoying, but sticking to Opensource-only sometimes has its disadvantages).

Pencil has helped me quite a lot, until I stumbled upon the need to add details to my keyframes which requires me to zoom in. Unfortunately Pencil doesn’t help me in that regards. Anybody got an idea?

EDIT: My bad, sorry. Apparently Pencil’s Zoom feature is within the Hand too (CTRL + drag)