Hello. This is my first post on my first forum so please bare with me! I’m relatively new to animation, and have tried earlier versions of Synfig (running vista), and got fed up with the constant crashes! So i ended up spending my time becoming reasonably confident in Illustrator and Photoshop. I downloaded Synfig 1.0 a few days ago which, for me, is a massive improvement and i feel i can get on with it without the fear of a crash every time i click on something! I had two questions to ask, but found the answer to one of them on the terminology rewrite sprint page, which was where is Encapsulate in 1.0. The second being, when i bring the guides out from the rulers or even click on the rulers, Synfig crash’s. Every time!
Any help will be appreciated!


Welcome to the forums.

“Encapsulate” has been replaced by the “Group” action. It has the same effect: put inside a Group the selected layers.
Regarding to ruler/guides crash, it has been reported for OSX. Please add your experience there. I hope it can be solved soon.
synfig.org/issues/thebuggeni … issues/805

Many thanks for the quick reply.:smiley: Will follow the link to report the ruler issue.


Yeah, it did happened to me as well (i’m using Windows 8.1). But oddly enough, the RC-1 is a little bit forgiving. It still crashes synfig if you try to bring the guide out by dragging the ruler. But if you do it by clicking the ruler instead the guide will appear properly and you can drag it as much as you like. :\

The downside is not only a little much buggy than the most recent ones, but also you won’t find the “cutout tool” in there (it was first implemented on RC-2).

Looking to install Synfig 1.0 on my other laptop which is 8.1, so its good to know that i might have a bit better luck with the guides. Other than that i haven’t had much trouble running it on vista! :slight_smile: