Hello to everyone!

Hi there!
My name is Flesciamento (Antonio), animation was always my passion and I used Macromedia Flash Studio 8 (old version, yes) for years!
I made an animated series too, you can watch it here: youtube.com/nemianimatedseries
I tried to use other software, but I always felt better with Flash… until now: I use Ubuntu and in these days I tried to figure out how Synfig Studio works; it’s amazing! When you understand the levels (and group levels) and bone works, making animations is quite simple and satisfying! (At least for what I did until now).
[size=85](Actually I tried to use Synfig Studio long ago, but I couldn’t import svg files and this blocked me, now this feature is really improved)[/size]

My first work is in Finished works section if you want to see it! :slight_smile:

Hope you can help me and I can help you too! :smiley:

Welcome Antonio! :slight_smile: I’ll see your work…