Hello Synfig Community

My name is Johan Tri Handoyo, and i’m alcoholic…kidding :smiley:

For 4,5 years i have joined the animation industry as animator. At the moment, i work as animator at Animation Studio in Batam Indonesia. My website is here www.johantri.com if you care to take a look my resume or animation reel.

At work i use Toonboom for animation tool. At home i use Blender, Gimp, Ubuntu 10.10 64 bit and hope to use Synfig soon after i learn how to use it, it looks really fun and promising :slight_smile:

So, how about Open Movie for Synfig, anyone ?? Blender had success stories for many years, maybe it’s Synfig time now ?

Hi Johantri! Welcome to Synfig. Check out the forum postings for Morevna if you want to see what our ‘open source’ movie looks like.


Welcome to Synfig forum johantri!
The first step is the most difficult but once you recognize your problem it is easier to throw away your addiction.
We all love you Johan!


Jokes apart, welcome. Please consider this your house and feel free to ask or demand any thing for the Synfig improvement.


pixelgeek : Thank you, yes i’ve seen the website. It is Great! But there’s no link to buy pre-order for DVD in it :slight_smile: i hope to see something similar in synfig. Compare to Blender, i can learn a lot from DVD i’ve purchase which contain behind the scene and stuff.

Genete : Thanks :slight_smile: i can’t resist the addiction, and hope to addicted in Synfig myself hehe.