Hello! i'm yet another user!

Hello everyone! this is my first post in this forum as well as my first forum post ever! I’m very exited to (hopefully) be of some help to others and also get some helo from more experienced users. I know that i’m not supposed to apologized for my bad english, but i can’t help it, i’ts not my native language so, if i make too much mistakes and my posts are unintelligible please do let me know.


Welcome here YetAnotherUser :slight_smile:

As long as you don’t come here to try to sell fake papers, seo services, online casino or other drugs, we can have fun all together :mrgreen:
Btw, what is your native language ? Spanish ? :smiley:

P.S.: I saw it in the attached sifz of your second post ^^

BobSynfig, yes, my native language is spanish. About the attached .sifz file, what do you think? it is one of my first projects, I really want to get into motion graphics, do you think i’m going the right way? i’m pretty sure there are things I could do better or methods i could use to be more efficient.