Hello,i am paul!

from france, lost in the country side, painter,sculptor ,years ago (20!) 2d and 3d amateur animator,(maya,softimage,3dstudio) after effects ,combustion etc
mysite: https://www.artmajeur.com/paulyvalent
i am re-learning stuff…on blender,synfig and need to practice!
i am all over the place… but since i am an old fart with plenty of time on my hands… i would love to cooperate in a ambitious,crazy, off the wall…to participate.
so, if you like what you see(on my site!), and need help on your project…
style that i love: anarchy, punk,techno,abstract and particules imagination and original
we can talk… paul.
i live 25 years in the states but still very bad speaking english… this is not an apologies! just a warning?!

Nice works :+1:

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