Hello everyone.

I’ve been an artist for quite a while now, I work in 3D art and animation mainly but recently I’ve wanted to take up learning 2D animation. I use alot of opensource software, such as Blender, Gimp, Inkscape and Krita. I enjoy using these programs and I find them very useful and advanced. I’ve only spent an hour or so in Synfig but I’ve liked so far. I wanted to join these forums because I will probably have a lot of questions to ask as I learn more about this software.
Thanks for looking!

Hello Rachel and welcome here…

yep floss software become efficient days after days… but they can’t realize that “lonely”, i’ts a community things … when people share things, incredible can surged… when i copy your bicycle we’have got two :slight_smile:

Synfig is a kind of other softwares… but is synfig, so i suggest you to nicely devour the wiki in order to understand the basic and more of it.