hello! and a couple of beginner questions

Hello everyone!

I am new to synfig and new to animation but have several projects in mind. I did find the synfig course on udemy.com and to be an excellent introduction.

However I do still have a couple of very beginner questions.

  1. What is the easiest way to make a simple straight line? I need a few parallel lines that expand/contract/rotate and move. Should I draw these in Inkscape first and then import them?

  2. I have a few colors that I wish to use but when I put them into synfig I get different colors out. Strangely, if I put in the html colors I get a different RGB values then I was expecting. If I put in the RGB colors first, I get a different html color then expected.

Please see an example: imgur.com/nQvI0xY

Why does this happen and how do I work around it?

Thanks in advance!

Hi, and welcome in here…

Nice that the course give you a good feeling … you can also take the time to have a look to the synfig wiki step by step manual and tutorials… it’s a mine !

You can use the Show Grid + Snap to Grid (from option dialog or directly from canvas windows icons) , draw a straight line with the Spline Tool and then copy and paste the layer from Layer Panel

Maybe following this link you will have an answer : Color difference but not sure … :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick response!

I am going through the wiki tutorials now that I am a bit more comfortable with the interface :mrgreen:

  1. That makes a sense now. I realized click and dragging was so ingrained in my mind that I was using the spline tool wrong. I was dragging tangents everywhere and could not figure out why I was having such a hard time with the basics.

  2. Very interesting about the color. I suppose the work around would simply be import the images and use the color selector tool to get the colors I want?

Just a random thought (sorry if it is presumptuous):
Seems that it would be more intuitive (at least for new users) if in the color toolbox there was a the following options
[x] use synfig color space
[ ] use standard color space
Then if the user chooses standard colors, translate into synfig’s colors without needing the color selector.

Again, thank you for the info. :smiley:

Hi good day ^-^ I have the same problem with the color, then I discover this, if you want that the color be the same that you want the easy way that I found be: import a .PNG (jpg) file with the colors that you need then use the eyedrop tool to get the exactly same color that you need, then you can copy the RGB numbers that synfig give to you from that colors.