Color difference

This might be a really stupid question coming from me, but is the HTML code that Synfig uses different from the other contemporary hex-codes for colors out there? I’m asking because I’ve noted a bit of inconsistency in colors recently…

Take, for instance, GIMP. Choose any colors to your liking, preferably ones at in the middle which are not too saturated nor too unsaturated. Copy HTML code, paste it in a Synfig object. You’ll see the colors being vastly different from the one you intended.

Same deal with everything else. Go here: … e-2768417/
Hover on any of the selected colors, remember the digits, write them down on Synfig colors. You’ll see the colors still being quite different.

So what’s going on here?

I realize that the easy fix would just be to import the objects and use Eyedropper tool to select the colors. But I’m just saying that this has been a bit inconvenient for me.

Synfig needs a color management system. The current behavior is right for Synfig.
See this: … d=30827777


Just wanted to revisit this topic for a bit…

Okay, looks like setting the Gamma to 1 in the Setup option works when it comes to actually designing scenes and animating them. The color values coincide with other applications. Previewing animation with Synfig’s soft-render produces the same color results as in the canvas. However, Previewing with Cairo seems to revert the colors to 2.2 Gamma…

I haven’t tried to actually render the animation to PNG sequences, so I can’t confirm on that bit.

Don’t change gamma from 2.2. Remember that.

Aww, man! So no work around colour integration with other applications currently?