Having problems timing, setting waypoints for two moving objects

I’ll try to state this simply. I have two objects, one moves toward the other, knocking object two up and over object one. No matter how I set the waypoints, object one flies into the air before object two hits it. I’ve watched the gumroad tutorial 6 times, but it doesn’t show how to time the movement of two objects, it just shows how to set the waypoints and timing for the boy who goes to school. The wiki is a little too technical for me to understand all of it. I spent a month fooling with another video making program that was expensive, and didn’t have half the control and detail that Synfig has, and I think Synfig is great. The problem is, I’ve been hung up on this problem now for about 10-12 hours, and can’t find a solution. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Cliff

You have to share your project to see what are you doing and what you are expecting to happen. I can try to imagine and answer something but often this practice is not useful.

Is it something like this you are trying to achieve?
I just put a waypoint where the the objects meet and then a waypoint for the upwards movement

I made a waypoint for the rectangle at the collision point, too. But that is technically not necessary when the blue box is an unstoppable force

Sourcefile is here:
Collision.sifz (1,6 KB)

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Thank You for your reply. How do I share my video on this site?

This is exactly what I’m trying to do. Thanks for the tip. I will try that.

If I recall correctly then uploading files is unlocked after spending some time in the forum.
Then to share a video it is just draging and dropping the file into the text box. It will be uploaded automatically.
If you need to share the animation you do the same.
But be aware that images you included in your animation will not be stored in the .sifz file and thus also need to be uploaded.

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