Having a hard time importing SVG into Synfig


I’ve been working on some graphics in Inkscape.
I know that Synfig is not supposed to open Inkscape .svg files but even with simple shapes the imported result is most time unusable.

To work around this problem I have tried to convert Shapes and Contours to paths, but still I’m encountering many difficulties.

Here is an example file (saved as Plain SVG): test_file_preprocessed

If there are some small errors for example on tangent angles that is a bearable error, but if the position is completely wrong it becomes practically impossible to use.

I can provide many examples if that helps to fix those issues.

This is how it looks inside Synfig:

Can you provide original svg file?

Here is the file not preprocessed (only copy paste from project):

I can’t reproduce your problem. I use linux and it renders just like as in forum.

I get the same result as well, but the imported drawing does not take into account the rounded edges of the smaller rectangles.

In the first preprocessed SVG the rectangles with rounded edges are converted to paths and that is not correctly interpreted by Synfig.

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