Having a hard time building the code on windows.

I can’t seem to build the code, so I need a better tutorial on how to compile the code on windows on codeblocks or other programs, besides the software that was use in the old tutorial which it isn’t very helpful.

The only way I know how is by following the tutorial on the synfig website. If you’re stuck at any point or have a detailed error message I may be able to talk you through it. If you’re trying to do it another way, you’ll be blazing a new trail.

Yes pixelgeek I am trying it in a different way than the current one, because the current method sucks and it’s frustrating to download all the programs; making the files manually for the software to build the code which it’s very long and hard. Can you guys add “Make a new building method on windows” in your todo list? That would be very appreciated.