Has anybody else lost pressure sensitivity in Pencil?

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I like to use Pencil to work out the timing for my animations, but lately I can’t get pressure sensitivity to work in Pencil anymore. Below is my post from the Pencil forum. I’m cross-posting it here just in case anybody has a specific solution. Thanks in advance.


To obtain pressure sensitivity in pencil you have to enable the wacom drivers using xorg and not hal. Ubuntu uses hal since 8.10 and 9.04 and it doesn’t work for pencil. In fact you don’t have eraser either in Gimp, at last in 8.04, have you?
Using xorg is not a problem but you loose the hot plug capabilities. So if you don’t plan to plug and unplug the wacom device you just can enable wacom using the xorg option.


Anyway I’m not using pencil in my tablet pc so I cannot confirm that it doesn’t work for pencil. I’m using a 64 bits ubuntu version and there is not official package at the moment.


Okay, I went in and uncommented the lines pertaining to Wacom stylus and eraser and now it seems to work properly again in Pencil. I was originally put off by the dire warnings on that page about how easily you could mess up your system by playing around with xorg, but so far all seems as it should be.

Thanks, Genete.


This is finally fixed (without using an xorg config) in ubuntu 10.04. The problem was with a qt-x11 package - apparently it was affecting krita and some other qt packages too.

To get the fix, as at this date, you need the qt updates from ‘Desktop Experience Team - Netbook Edition’ which are a bit ahead of the stock Ubuntu updates. These Netbook Edition updates don’t seem to cause any problem for stock Ubuntu Desktop Edition.

Post here if this is not enough instruction or you need me to find the links.


Thanks for the info. I just got around to upgrading to 10.4 a couple of weeks ago, so I’m just now working on getting pencil working properly again. I found this ppa:


It has qt4-x11 and several other packages. I added it to my repository list, but when I tried to run an update, the update manager didn’t like any of the qt packages and wouldn’t let me install them.

If you have any further guidance as to how to get this working, I’d be grateful.

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Hi - apologies if this seems dumbed down - I can only guess your level of skills…

Perhaps try making this upgrade from Synaptic rather than update manager. (Synaptic star icon gets installed under administration menu). If Synaptic isn’t there you can install it from the Ubuntu Software Centre. I am not brilliant on command line so I’m giving you these GUI tool instructions instead.

I have always found Synaptic a useful backstop to have around for upgrading issues anyway.

In synaptic find the qt package which is the one you need for your upgrade and right click to select ‘upgrade’. If you have probs finding it try click on the Origin button, bottom left, and select the netbook/dx repo.

Once you select upgrade it should tell you if you need to uninstall some packages and which ones they are. You can choose whether to go ahead or not from what’s on that list.

In my system I didn’t have to accept any important packages being removed - there may have been some minor removals I had to accept but if so I can’t recall.

If synaptic wishes to remove anything which looks critical then don’t push on.

From what I could tell these netbook/DX packages are considered safe for ordinary desktop users.

good luck and let us know how it goes.