Hello every body as all of you know we have Software freedom day coming on September 18th .In my Country because Thursdays and Fridays are off we celebrate SFD today.I am so Happy… . :slight_smile:
Lets Celebrate this GREAT DAY and tell the others about Software Freedom.
please check Software Freedom Day web site and find if there’s a team in your area! If there isn’t a team, make your own. It’s FUN!After That Day let share the happiness of this event by puting links of photos u have captured of this Great day Celebration in your area (i put mine tomorrow :smiley:)

[size=150]HAPPY SOFTWARE FREEDOM DAY!!![/size]

today Isfahan LUG(Isfahan Linux Users Group) celebrated Software Freedom Day in University of Isfahan(my university 8) ) .however i wasn’t expecting to see a very formal kind of celebration but this celebrity was.anyway it started at 4 pm by a speech about Software Users Freedom .Software freedom was kind of complicated and confusing for people who were non free computer program users and programmers.The common question that almost all of them had in mind and sth asked was " how can get money from a none free software?"

After that speech Mr Behrad Eslamfar the leader of IsfahanLug talked about Difrent open source Licenses and term and counditions of them.

The third speech was almost most interesting part for none free software developers and users which was :"How To GET oo Open source software? “Mr. Ghanemzade (the speaker)said” there are lots of companies getting money from software which they havent worked on it from the beginning like Google on project of Chorom, which is based on Webkit .in his speech he mentioned sth about SaaS too

After that part we helped ourselves and had friendly chit chat with other people which was very awesome!

After having a short break it was the special guest time to give a speech and that guest was Mr Daniel Holbach one of Ubuntu Developers from Germany .

The next speech was my most be loved one. Mr. Mehrdad Momeny the author of lots of open sourse software such as choqok and MyDic (dictionary) gave a speech about Qt. his words really moved me he shown lots of example he had created by Qt creator some were excellent for real time rendering and this idea came to my mind to learn to work with Qt and improve synfig ui by that (Dear developers please help me about this idea i need ur advises)by the way i got his email and i will ask him some more information about it

And after that we had a speech about Meego and Maemo

and at the end we had a asking and answering section :

unfortunetly because of time leaking we coundt establishe a LAN Party :frowning: .The Celebration finished at 8 PM)
all in all i got lots of good information and learned bunch of things and a copy of Mint :smiley: as well .what good day !!!

Very cool!