Halt render not working

I’m using the windows version in windows 7. The “halt render” button in the preview window doesn’t do anything.

Could you please more specified?
The “halt render” is to stop rendering process, if the rendering is already finished, then nothing will happen by clicking it.

More specific? The halt render is to stop the rendering process. You push it, and it doesn’t stop rendering. :slight_smile: Push it at 12s of a 20s video, the nothing happens, it still renders to the end.

Which version Synfig Studio? can you just create a new animation with default and test ?

There is not issues with 0.63.04 on my laptop.

If you start it playing it will keep playing to the end, even if you press the ‘halt render’ button. Like jcome says - which version are you using?


I also have 0.63.04 on my laptop.

I just tested it again. I had a couple objects moving. I had to change from a 5s animation to a 20s one because I couldn’t hit the button before it finished rendering. :slight_smile: but all else was default.

To be clear, I’m not hitting “play” on anything. I’m hitting “preview”. Then I’m hitting the little red octagon with an “x” in it. I expected that to stop the “lasted rendered” count from going up, but nothing happens, it just keeps going to the end of the animation.