I’m halfway through writing what I wish I knew about guides when I started using Synfig. Any advice would be welcome…

Excellent article!
I just would advice that if you find any missing ability or something to improve (that sure there is) please report it as Feature Request or Bug.

CTRL-C CTRL-V works here to copy metadata between canvases. Can you confirm that it doesn’t work like that in your computer?
Using Linux Mint 12 here.

“false” and “true” (without quotes) are valid strings to disable/enable boolean values in metadata.

Sorry, looking at it again the problem is using Ctrl+C or Ctrl+V when the Data Field in the guide_x or guide_y rows is not selected.

I’ll need to change the article. You can end up just selecting the guide_x or guide_y row, trying to copy by pressing Ctrl+C and find that loads of layers appear in your layer panel.

Thanks - I didn’t know this! I’ve added this to the article.

I’ve just added a load of feature requests and one bug report to SourceForge.

Giving other people work makes me feel really guilty :blush:

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
“Against the vicious of request is the virtue of deny” :wink: