Gtk3 branch on OSX

I’ve finally been able to build gtk3 branch in Mavericks and it is far from expected.
Attached is a screenshot:
General problems are the rendering of the widgets. There are missing icons. Timeline sometimes is not rendered sometimes yes. There are misplaced tab arrangering buttons. Can’t stretch toolbox to be a single column of tools. Tabs are not rendered properly. Some times the menu is rendered displaced, etc. etc.

Also, can’t play a simple moving circle. It hangs. Crashes are easy to reach.

Anyone has build latest gtk3 version on OSX and have same issues?
(morevna/gtk3 revision SHA:ae7b8192094426bbe22208d60046e7082257d865)


outch … !

i was complaining of my synfig-gtk3 (source code until not merged to synfig/master) under debian wheezy … now i’m happy with :wink:

Maybe that could help (If you don’t already know about it) :gtkparasite “A utility similar to Firebug but for GTK+ applications” (and “new one” GtkInspector delivered with gtk 3.14)

what is the gtk-3 version you have build on ?
(gtk+ bugreport on mac os)

  • i’m working with 3.4.2-7 (under debian)
  • konstantin with gtk3.10.9

I’m using 3.14.2, latest port available.