Gtk-warnings about Icons (guidance for newbie developer)

I am getting these bunch of Gtk-Warnings I don’t know how to disable them, or fix them.
These warnings does not cause any trouble but, I am trying to understand the working of Synfig and I would just std::cout or synfig::info() some data at random places to understand what is happening.

I am not even sure what and why to use synfig::info()

So in short I am still a complete noob at C++/Gtkmm, so any guidance would be appreciated. I would like to apologise if these questions are just “Google it yourself” type of questions, but I couldn’t find any good answers :pensive:

these warning are about icons that should be loading, but don’t exist, and will be replaced by default ones.
Normally, during compilation, there is a step where “synfig” (core) has been built and produces icons from .sif files to use them as resources.
But in some case it doesn’t work:

  • Missing .sif file
  • Icons referenced from outside, or from stock of GTK directly
  • Some .sif files that were produced by an older, incompatible version of Synfig
    Some parameters or even layers may have been removed and it makes crash the whole production of such icon

There are not a lot of things to do, but to place proper icons in the expected directories

synfig::info() is just used to display verbose info, logging is useful most of the time for debug but when you launch Synfig without a console, you should not be annoyed :wink:

Somehow the Gtk theme in your machine is… strange/broken.

What is your Ubuntu version, btw?

I have also been getting these icon errors for long. I think they showed back when I was on windows 7, and they still show now on Linux Mint 20.3 Una.

Ubuntu 22.04

I haven’t messed with anything, but maybe it’s broken by default :thinking: on Ubuntu

As the support out-of-the-box for the AppImage format on 22.04 (at least the old ones, see on GitHub)

Note: I am building Synfig from source code here
Forgot about that

I think it’s a problem with adwaita-icon-theme 41/42 and gtk 3.24.