[GSoC 2023] Google Summer of Code 2023

Hi, guys!

We are pleased to announce that Synfig has been selected as a Google Summer of Code 2023 mentor organization. :partying_face: :tada:

So if you want to participate this year as a mentor/contributor:
First of all, take the time to read the Google Summer of Code Guide (student)/Google Summer of Code Guide (mentor) and check out the timeline.

  1. Make sure you are eligible to participate in the program
  2. Check Getting Started — Synfig developers docs documentation
  3. Check out the Synfig GSoC 2023 Project ideas
  4. Select an interesting project idea or draft your own proposal (recommended: do some contributions in the area of your project idea).
  5. Introduce yourself here.
  6. Start contributing.

P.S. Feel free to ask any questions here.

Good luck to everyone.


Hey everyone,

I am Mohamed Adham, and I will be hopefully applying again for GSOC23. Some of you may know me from last year when I had taken on the User Interface project for GSOC22.

This year I will be applying for the “Optimization of internal operations with layers” (I also have plans to extend the project scope). I chose this project specifically because I think it will be very interesting working on introducing new algorithms that have the potential to optimize working with layers which in turn would optimize working on big animations. Also I believe it will help in making me understand other areas of synfig better (specifically synfig-core) which could only improve my contributions to Synfig.

Finally I would like to congratulate synfig as a whole for getting re-accepted into gsoc🎉, and wish everyone applying the best of luck : ).


Hello everyone,

My name is Bharat Sahlot, and I am a second-year Computer Science student at IIIT Hyderabad. I have a keen interest in Computer Graphics and Game Development and enjoy optimizing code for better performance.

I am excited to apply for the Performance Optimization project this year, as it aligns perfectly with my interests. I have been thoroughly studying the project’s architecture and source code to better understand it and prepare for my proposal.

I am confident in my C++ coding skills and have recently completed a 2D and 3D racing game as part of my Computer Graphics course. You can check it out here. You can check my other projects on my GitHub as well.

In addition to C++, I have experience working with other programming languages like C, C#, x86 assembly, Rust, and Javascript. I have also used Unity extensively in the past.

I am currently working on my proposal and hope to submit it in the next few days. I am eager to contribute to this project and optimize its performance to the best of my abilities.

Wishing everyone who is applying best of luck!


Hi, guys!
Rodolfo added a new idea (“Select Tool”) to the list of ideas. Take a look, it might be interesting.


As a kindly reminder, the number of seats will be limited.
But nothing forbids the most motivated of the candidates to help for development of Synfig outside of GSoC context :wink:


Hi guys!

Just a quick reminder that the deadline for submitting applications is April 4 - 18:00 UTC.

Good luck to everyone!


Hi guys!

GSoC 2023 accepted Contributors announced!

This year we have two project slots and two accepted contributors:

  1. Mohamed Adham (@mohamed.Adhamc) with the project “Select Tool and UI Enhancements”
  2. Bharat Sahlot (@b23v) with the project “Rendering Performance Optimization”

I want to say thanks to all the applicants who reached us and wish good luck to the accepted contributors as their work on the project is just getting started.

Congratulations guys! :partying_face: :tada: :tada: :tada:


@mohamed.adhamc @b23v
Congratulations and good luck!


Thanks @ice0, @BobSynfig, and all !
Hopefully we all end up with a very successful “summer of Synfig development” ;-).


Congratulations both! And good luck for the project ahead :slight_smile: