[GSoC 2020] Google Summer of Code 2020

@KonstantinDmitriev Thank you for this post. :smiley:
I have also raised an expense. ^___^


Congratulations to all students with second evaluations passed!

To all mentors: Please feel free to request amount up to $170 for July mentorship. You can do that via “Submit Expence” button on this page . :slight_smile:


To all students: we expect your final submissions to be posted as separate forum topic in this section - https://forums.synfig.org/c/development/8

Also, please make sure to read submission requirements. :slight_smile:


Can we also use this forum topic as our final submission link?

I’m asking this because the link of the title changes when the title of the topic changes.

Normally, the site can handle properly redirections itself, not taking account of the middle part

Your previous post was
it can be translated without problem from

For the start of this thread, simply use https://forums.synfig.org/t/10545
You can also use the permalink as https://forums.synfig.org/t/gsoc-2020-google-summer-of-code-2020, but yes, in such a case, if the title changes, the link is broken :wink:


Congratulations to everyone with an end of coding period! Mentors please make sure to submit final evaluations ASAP. :slight_smile:

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Thanks to all students and mentors for participating in GSoC 2020!

To all mentors: Please feel free to request amount up to $160 for August’s mentorship. You can do that via “Submit Expense” button on this page. :slight_smile:


Hi @Sagar2366,

I am Saksham Mittal, a 3rd year CSE student at NIT Delhi, I have good hands-on experience in Python, Django, Docker, AWS, DevOps, Flutter.

I am interested to work on the project " *Cloud rendering platform", I have thoroughly gone through the requirements of the project and the expected result and find myself capable to start with the project. Can you guide me on how to proceed with it?

Saksham Mittal (https://github.com/saksham1991999)

Hi @saksham1991999!

Unfortunately this year GSoC projects time is limited to ~175 hr, and “Cloud rendering platform” was planned for 300+ hours. But you can follow new GSoC 2021 thread maybe you find something for you.

Thank you for your attention.

Hi @ice0!

I was passionate about developing the “Cloud rendering platform” using the skills I am familiar with. I understand that the project was planned for 300+ hours and this year GSoC projects time is limited to 175 hours only. Since I am very much excited about this project and wanted to start with it now only so that I could thoroughly go through the project requirements and identify the developing strategy, I was willing to dedicate more than 300+ hours and ready to start with the project beforehand, and looking forward to dedicating more than 300 hours also if required to complete the project.

Thanks for considering my previous query.
Saksham Mittal (https://github.com/saksham1991999)