[GSoC 2020] Google Summer of Code 2020

Hi @ice0 !

I have something to ask

  1. Netbeans configuration and building synfig , everything is working fine in linux as I followed your guidance and documentation but When I try to configure IDE in windows it is giving me error saying Specific file not found plus When I build synfig with MinGW , I could not be able to find _debug folder. Can you please tell me why is it so on windows ?

  2. Secondly, I have been looking into a project idea https://github.com/synfig/synfig-docs-dev/blob/master/docs/gsoc/2020/ideas.rst#scripting which I find really interesting to work on and I really wanted to discuss details with mentor @rodolforg . But I haven’t heard from him yet. Can you please tell me if he is still mentoring that idea or is there any way I can talk to him ?

Help me with that!

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Sorry I was a little busy at “real-world” work and focusing on finishing the possible new timetrack panel.

As Konstantin said, the first task is to be able to make your first build and read the developer manual: at least how to contribute and about code structure.

What specific file is missing?

_debug and _production folders are created by the build scripts (eg. ./2-build-debug.sh). So maybe you should create yourself for netbeans or do your first build following according to this manual page first.


Actually , It says Cannot run program “echo” (in directory “D:\SYNFIG\synfig-master”): CreateProcess error=2, The system cannot find the file specified.

I have build synfig on linux according to manual page by running build scripts. It gives _debug and _production folder as mentioned. Everything works fine on linux. I am just curious as I use both OS so why the build scripts not creating _debug folder when I run them on windows MinGW. I can execute synfigstudio on MinGW but when it comes to configuring Netbeans on windows in properties>build>make>build result , I could not be able to find _debug folder browsing from there. That’s the issue only on windows but works fine in linux

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The shell (.sh) scripts are supposed to run in a “posix” command line interface like MSYS2 or CYGWIN.
In a IDE, you’re supposed to run make directly for building.

Hi @harshagrwl yes there is still room for lots of improvement and if you’re read the last year’s idea there was two types of vectorization only one is currently implemented. I would suggest you to start reading the issue from last year to get an idea about everything related to vectorization of bitmaps.

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you can refer https://github.com/synfig/synfig/pull/930 for what was implemented last year. In case of doubt you can message me here or create a new thread in forum :slight_smile:

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Thanks @ankit I’ll go through the codebase. :smiley:

Hello, another new aspiring student here :wink:

Heard about GSoC approval through your weekly report tweet today. I’m interested in taking up Replacement of deprecated Gtk classes

I have set up the development environment. Now for choosing an issue, I’m confused because most of the GUI related ones have already been assigned to someone else. While the rest are not related to gtk hacking.
Anyway, here is one that no one’s working on right now. Do I wait for approval or go ahead and start hacking right away?


@Keyikedalube go ahead and start working. But don’t forget to mention this on the issue.

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You can try this issue: https://github.com/synfig/synfig/issues/1178

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Please let me know where is directory with synfig source code located? Is it “D:\SYNFIG"?

On windows you have to execute ./2-build-debug.sh script to re-build (execute it from MinGW console).
Choosing properties>build>make>build result in NetBeans wouldn’t work.
Please check this link for details on how to rebuild.

I’m curious about this function named info() in synfig
Do you use this to print console information instead of std::cout?

Because I’ve been using cout by including iostream header and checking what values are being returned by expressions and functions

@KonstantinDmitriev Hi there! I was going through synfig GSOC 2020 project ideas and I came across Simplify building process by utilizing Conan C++ package manager and I would like to work on it, could you please guide me? Thanks.

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Yes, we use it for logging.

Can you show an example of this?

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@Alchemist98 Hi! First you can try to build Synfig from console.

Developer documentation is located here:

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  1. Me manually including iostream before using std::cout
    Screenshot from 2020-03-03 17-17-38

  2. Checking the final value of Time t
    Screenshot from 2020-03-03 17-18-10

  3. And the output I get
    Screenshot from 2020-03-03 17-18-30

After I’m done checking I remove those codes again. But I have to repeat that same task for every file I open. Include the header, check values, and remove them again before committing the changes.

I better start using info() from now on instead. To save more time and reduce finger muscle strain :grin:.


There is synfig::info, synfig::warning, synfig::error and synfig::debug. They use printf notation though. So you have to know the primitive type you’ll get. And don’t forget to use .c_str() for printing string like char* (ie, "%s").


Hi! I have built synfig as per the given instructions and read the contributing guidelines while setting up my NetBeans on windows 10 i couldn’t find _Debug folder plz can you tell me why

You need to manually run ./2-build-debug.sh script from synfig folder. It do all the work. After what inside synfig folder you can find _debug folder.

P.S. Also you need to run ./1-setup-windows-msys2.sh to install all needed dependencies.

Hi, I have been trying to understand the code involved in Lottie Exporter plugin and I believe I have a decent idea of how it works now. I have fixed two issues related to it, add support for variable gamma correction and convert methods for simple circle layer.
I would like to now go ahead and start working on the project Improvements for Lottie exporter plugin.
@AnishG , @KonstantinDmitriev what would you suggest as a good starting point?