GSOC-2019::Building synfig using conan

Myself Abhishek, I want to contribute Synfig through GSOC.I would like to work on Simplification of building process by utilizing Conan C++ package manager.

Hello Abhishek! My name is Konstantin Dmitriev, I will be mentoring this project. Let’s start discussing the project in this thread -
Please drop a message there, introducing yourself and mention that you are willing to work on this issue. Also, please let us know about your skills and background.

Yes,I am interested in building package manager.I have knowledge of cmake, python.I have experience in building python wheels and making pip installable.
What is priority of this project and how many slots were given by GSOC.

What is priority of this project

This project is high priority, since it will allow people to easily build (and develop) Synfig on WIndows platform (which is often requested). If we will have no student on this project during summer, then I am going to do that by myself. :slight_smile:

how many slots were given by GSOC.

The final amount of slots is decided by Google after reviewing our requests. Since this is first time we participate in GSoC, it is very likely we will not get more than 2 slots.

From this page’re_a_new_gsoc_org_how_do_we_decide_how_many_slots_to_request -

We’re a new GSoC org. How do we decide how many slots to request?

We suggest that you request a conservative number of slots. We regularly hear from new orgs that mentoring students is more work than expected. Fewer student projects will help prevent overload – which is better for the orgs, mentors and students. Keep in mind, no matter how many slots are requested, new orgs are often only granted one or two slots in their first year to ease them into GSoC.