Hi. This is the first time I am using seriously trying to use the Group panel. I am having trouble with it.

I would like to do something like this:

Glasses Bot Main

S1 Glasses Bot

R arm
Left Arm
S2 Glasses Bot
R Arm

So basically, What I am trying to do is make sub catagories within a sub catigory. Usually when I try to do this, it would either make a copy of itself in its own group, or go into another group where I do not want it to go. Like this:

Glasses Bot

S1 Glasses Bot


R Arm

I wouldn’t want the R Arm inside of the Head Group. I wanted to put it inside of S1 Glasses Bot Group.

Even if I make a group before I decide to add layers to them, it doesn’t quite work out as I want. Once I make the group folder, I expected the layers to go inside of that empty group when I type in the group name exactly. However, it doesn’t. What happens is that it makes its own group with the exact same name.

I’ve read the wiki and I still need help :frowning:

How do make sub catagories in groups properly?


Layers can belong to a group at a time. Groups are nested by renaming them with the ancestor tree with dots in the middle:
Hope it helps.

Thanks alot Genete. As usual, You’ve been a big help. :smiley: :wink: