Grouping Issues

I’m new to Synfig and going through the Tutorial, but already at “Adding Layers” I simply cannot find any way to select multiple layers at once. It says: “In the [Layers Panel], select both the gradient and the rectangle layer. Then, right-click and select “Group Layer” from the menu.” However this is not possible as clicking either just selects the most recently clicked layer. I see no “Select Layer” type options, no “Select All” options. I have no way to group these two layers together. Is this because I downloaded the experimental version of Synfig Studio? I didn’t think it would be THAT experimental. Feels kind of crucial to a lot of editing that be able to select more than one layer at once…

Click an item to select it and Ctrl+click another to add a second item to selection.

Other softwares do this way too. Windows Explorer and gnome Nautilus to select multiple files/folders; MS Excel and LibreOffice Calc to select multiple cells. MS Powerpoint and LibreOffice Draw/Impres to select multiple elements… :slight_smile:

But indeed it is a point to add in the video speech.

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Thank you, this tip will be very useful. Did not expect such a fast reply, seems you guys are on top of things here. I’ll definitely be hyping up Synfig in near future.

To think I could have got back to it two weeks ago :person_facepalming: lol