I am new to the forum and new to Synfig. I live in Antwerp, Belgium. I am not an animator, but work freelance as a colorist and composer (or is it compositor :neutral_face: ?) in a small animation studio where I mainly use Animo. I am using Synfig for a personal project which involves my little avatar which I use in this forum. At this moment I am trying to get the grips of Synfig but I like the program very much so far. The ability to edit and animate absolutely everything right until the most tiny vertex is cool. Two thumbs up for the new windows build. It took me around two hours to make the silly crazy dog animation and the program did not crash once and all the render tests went fine. Keep up the great work!

Welcome Darkspace! And thanks for the encouraging words regarding the windows build.


Welcome as well Darkspace_be!

welcome! glad to see one more belgian on the forum. nice avatar by the way.