I’m a colossal fan of Japanese animation, a.k.a. anime. My main favorite animes at the moment are Touhou Project and Idolmaster. Animation seems like fun to get into, so I’ve registered to see what Synfig can do. I’m still puzzled as to how to use it, but I’ve been doing the beginner tutorials. I’ve had 0.62 installed for a while now, and I tried upgrading to 0.63, but the latest version seems buggy, as it wasn’t letting me add any layers to the canvas, so I nixed it and put the older version back on. Now I can add layers again.

Please try to upgrade to 0.63.05. I’m sure that the problems you are having is something that we can fix easily.

I’m now up to 0.64.0.

The problem was that the input device was set to a device that doesn’t exist on my ’puter. I set it to the mouse, and it works like a charm.


I now have 0.64.1 on a new desktop ’puter I bought recently. I’m reserving my laptop for at-work use … after I get the monitor backlight fixed.