Greetings one and all.

I wanted to send you greetings from Montreal. As an Ubuntu user I came across Synfig Studio when calling up Inkscape through the Ubuntu Software Centre. I used the word “vector”. Tucked nicely under “Pencil” the phrase “edit 2D animations” appealed to me.

Good thing too. While searching through Finished works forum I came across the introduction example. The author mentions the various tools he used to create such a professional animation, namely: Synfig Studio, Audacity, Inkscape and Kdenlive.

I’m a frequent user of Audacity and Inkscape. Synfig was a pleasant find. Kdenlive a nice addition to my set of audio/visual tools.

I have an eight year old son who enjoys creating and editing game levels more than actually playing them. His favorites that come with self-editing tools are: SuperTux, Secret Mario Chronicles and RocksnDiamonds, all available from the Ubuntu repositories. An avid Inkscape user, my son’s imagination and yearning to use Synfig Studio are fired up.

I look forward to learning the depths of this software. I am the type that makes comments about things in order to improve them.

Looking forward to a good relationship.

Greetings BobSongs,
feel as if you where in your own house.