Greetings from Minnesota!

Hello, fellow Synfig users!

I am an animation student from Saint Paul, MN. I will be 36 next month (yes, I am a late bloomer in the animation world:)). I am fairly new to Synfig, but I find it very promising. My dream is to start an animation studio in my hometown of Saint Paul (yes, I know that the market is not as strong in animation up here as in California, but I am willing to try). I am currently going for my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree online in classical animation at Academy of Art University in San Francisco. hence, the interest in Synfig. Well, nice to meet you all. See you later.

artisan21 :wink:

Hi artisan21,
you’re very welcome to Synfig forum. I’m currently involved in Synfig development and there are others involved in documentation, website maintenance, translations etc.
We are a (very) small but enthusiastic team and primarily we are looking forward to satisfy amateur and professional users of Synfig.
Please feel free to critique any of the aspects of the Synfig Proyect. We are anxious to improve in all the areas so any suggestion specially from professionals is welcome.