Greetings, all!

Hi, my name is Del Sydebothom. The most complicated thing I know how to do with Synfig Studio is open it. The ability has thus far not gotten me any new friends, awards, or discounts. And despite my best efforts, thinking about the cartoon I want to make has not made it jump onto the canvas (the coders for a Synfig mind-reading feature must be saving it for a future release). This has left my wife and I with the intention to learn how to use the software together.

If the hopes I have for my book “Gan-Aeden” come true, we will first adapt it into a Graphic Novel (with close collaboration with artist Erin Holloway), and then an animated film. We hope to get a studio for ourselves. However, that possibility is far enough in the future to dissuade us from waiting to learn the software we intend to use.

Of course, I can’t very well introduce myself without also thanking the developers of this program. I hope that everything we create with this application will honor the hours of labor you have put into it. And as I’ve learned of the heroic generosity so often exhibited by members of the Open Source community, I know that I’ll be owing even more gratitude to those here, who will help my wife and I learn how to animate with Synfig.

Pax, all!

Well, I wish luck :slight_smile:

[size=85]Sorry for my English[/size]

delsydebothom, welcome and good luck!.
Don’t hesitate to ask here any doubt. We’ll do our best to reply your questions.


Great introduction. I’ve often wished for the mind reading input module for Synfig, but I think that feature is just behind the ‘automatically generate artwork’ button we need to add.


The welcomes are warm here :smiley: Thanks all!