Grass and flowers: Light and shadow practice

I’ll be honest, I am a bit stuck with my ‘Wolf head’ animation. It’s pretty hard to make a complex head move, so I did a quick test on making backgrounds instead. In this simple composition I tried to combine some effects with the raster background, including:

  1. Work with lighting and shadowing (main aspect).
  2. Playing with wind implementation (based on ‘Curve Warp’ layer).

Source: … file%2csfg
The scene is pretty heavy, so everything is turned off by default to make initial rendering a bit faster. You can bring everything back by using Synfig ‘sets’ panel.

So, does the animation have an atmosphere of a warm summer morning-day-evening or not?

P.S. Yeah, I know it’s winter now, so it’s kinda offtopic, but… oh well :slight_smile:

I like the atmosphere. Reminds me of pre-searing in Guild Wars :smiley:. Also like the subtle horizontal movement of the grass. Also like the change from day to night. Don’t like the heavy breathing like up and down motion or maybe that is intended from the camera point of view? Maybe soften the shadow of the flowers a bit? Will certainly check out the sif file.
Keep it up with the head turn.

Thanks, man. You always provide some good critiques.

Wind effect came out pretty ugly, can’t argue with that. It’s a first time I experimented with the ‘Curve Warp’ layer and that was scary.

Well, I just wanted it to be noticeable… guess I overdid it a little :slight_smile:

Will sure do! I started it from zero today and now trying to implement it in a more proper way, without a mess of exported canvases and a lot of ‘switch’ conversions.