Graphs Panel vertical zoom out issue in 1.5.1?

In Synfig stable version (1.4.4) I can vertically zoom out, using Ctrl + Scroll Wheel in Graphs Panel. I can’t perform the same action with development version 1.5.1. Are the shortcuts changed (I tried with Shift + Scroll, Alt + Scroll)? Or is this an issue?

To reproduce:
Create a Circle
Enable animate edit mode
Move the circle to another position
Disable animate edit mode
Select the Offset Parameter in the Parameters Panel
Observe the Graphs Panel, the animated waypoints are out of screen. To make them visible in stable version you would just scroll out using Ctrl + Scroll Wheel can’t do this operation in Development version.

I was excited to use Development version because we can select multiple waypoints, don’t know how this issue missed out ? Maybe I am doing something wrong :thinking:?

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yeah… Something I’ve been having an issue with too in 1.5.1dev … I’ve found myself having the graph panel as a separate window and scaling the window to allow me to zoom in for detail when adjusting the likes of TCB… and I might need to do a moan about TCB too. Damn I’d love there to be handles in the graph editor. :wink:

use ctrl+ shift+ scroll.


funny thing is I tried every similar combo prior… then for a laugh i thought I’d reset the shortcuts, being that I do have a stable 1.4.4 install too, and knowing that it’s not listed as a shortcut anyway, and yep shift+ctrl+scroll works… :rofl: Cheers Kai

We should find a way to let this visible/known to user. Any suggestions?

simplest thing would be to add a reference to it in the help/shortcuts/zoom shortcuts…
Include timeline and graph

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Also noticed ctrl+shift±/= does allow us to zoom the graph and timeline horizontally. Is there also a fit all / zoom horizontally (for graph) shortcut we’re not seeing?.. if not, it would very handy. Equally being able to isolate and see the X/Y trans/offset/origin channels separately in the graph (when not a composite) would be a bonus.

Horizontal zoom is possible with ctrl+scroll on the timebar. It works on any panel that has a timebar (timetrack, graph and sound panels).

@Keyikedalube What do you think? :slight_smile:

Agree :+1: Synfig ShortcutsWindow was done for that very purpose.

Do you have time and are you interested to do so? XD

Me? Or the other guy above…? :sweat_smile:

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You, @Keyikedalube :slight_smile:


I’ll code tomorrow :slight_smile:

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Issue opened